Improve your operational safety and increase the economic efficiency of your systems with our help. At our worldwide service centers, you can rely on decades of practical experience in overhauling and repairing cooling and air conditioning systems and their components. Your installations are in the best hands here.

Effective over the long term: Green Reman services

MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems Services develops customized concepts for the preventive maintenance of your cooling and air conditioning systems. Our extensive Green-Reman service portfolio includes the following services:

  • Replacement of defective aluminum coolers (package design)
  • Cleaning and repair of coolers of all types, regardless of design
  • Overhauling of complete cooling systems, HVAC modules, and hydraulic components
  • Coarse and ultrasonic cleaning
  • Seal inspections for your coolers
  • Reconditioning of thermostats, water pumps, and fans

Regular preventive maintenance and refurbishment of worn and contaminated cooling and air conditioning systems or components saves a lot of money, due to lower vehicle fuel consumption over the long term, while protecting the environment and natural resources. Depending on the system or component in question, an overhaul can generally pay for itself with reduced fuel consumption after just 1 or 2 years.

Overview of the benefits of preventive maintenance:

  • Economical operation with predictable running costs
  • Constant low fuel consumption
  • Long service life of systems and components
  • Avoidance of total outage