Roof cooling unit

Our scope of work in the field of spare parts

Rapidly growing commodity flows and further increasing mobility demand even more reliable and efficient vehicle concepts, particularly for railroad traffic. The cooling of diesel and electrically driven rolling stock plays an essential role in this connection. MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems Services—established on the market for over 70 years—consistently sets new standards in this field. Thoroughly familiar with the complex specifications and widely varying operating conditions of these vehicles, we are your systems partner for the development and supply of innovative, functional solutions for safe and comfortable railroad mobility.

  • Efficient cooling systems for diesel engines and transmissions, installed in the front, on the side, on the roof or under the floor of the vehicle depending on operation requirements
  • Optimized hydrostatic drive solutions for fans and auxiliary circuits in diesel vehicles
  • Underfloor and roof-mounted cooling systems or cooling towers for electrically driven rolling stock
  • Electronics cooling for GTO and IGBT modules using coolant flow cooling cells, cooling elements and plate coolers

We offer you an optimal supply of spare parts

We provide you with spare parts for innovative Products and Concepts with a Promising Future for the Efficient Cooling of Diesel Stock as well as Electrically Driven Vehicles and for the Intelligent Cooling of Electronic Components.