Cooling unit for city buses

Cockpit air conditioning for maximum visibility and concentration

During longer coach trips, passenger comfort according to the star rating system has top priority, whereas on regular service buses on urban and suburban routes the main focus is on transport capacity. In both cases, of course, passenger safety is also a crucially important aspect. This is primarily the responsibility of the bus driver. A key objective here is to maintain driver concentration and efficiency over long periods at the wheel. This can only be achieved with the right climate control system.

With this in mind, at MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems we develop and construct air conditioning systems for the driver`s area. They ensure that drivers enjoy optimum climate comfort, allowing them to keep a cool head, even in hectic situations and during long-distance trips. In terms of safety, the key challenge is keeping the increasingly large front windshield, which requires a correspondingly higher airflow, free from ice and condensation.

Our products in the field of spare parts: competence for every application

Engine cooling

  • Radiators
  • Direct and indirect charge air coolers
  • Exhaust gas heat exchangers (air/air, air/water)
  • Fuel coolers
  • Engine/hydraulic oil coolers
  • Fans
  • Fan drives
  • Support arms, shrouds and hubs for fans
  • Support elements/frames
  • Bearings
  • Air ducting
  • Surge/expansion tanks
  • Guards/grids

Air conditioning

  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Heater cores
  • Frontboxes

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Icy temperatures on the transit routes in the wintery north of Europe and America; extreme heat on the African and South American continents: no matter how tough the conditions, engine cooling and air conditioning systems from MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems operate reliably in leading brand buses on roads all over the world.