Type F heat exchangers for industrial applications

Heat exchangers type F

  • compact, pressure-resistant design
  • high exchange efficiency
  • efficient grading of the heat exchanger dimensions
  • simple assembly
  • saving in maintenance cost by simple tube nest disassembly
  • temperature resistance up to 130°C
  • maximum operating pressure of 25 bar

Fields of application

Cooling of hydraulic and lubricating oils, water, flame-resistant liquids and oil-in-water emulsions. Fresh water (drinking, industrial, stream and river water), sea water or brackish water (mixture of sea and river water) can be used as a coolant. Due to their geometrically simple cylindrical shape of the heat exchangers, they can be easily installed in engines, gears, brakes or machine casings. Heat exchangers with tubes of 4 or 6 mm in outside diameter can be supplied in two material qualities for the different fields of application. The larger diameter is used in that case where highly contaminated coolants are to be expected.


The tube nest is floating in the casing. Sealing between jacket and the room inside is done by soft packings. Consequently, thermal expansion cannot lead to stress formation.

Material qualities:

for the industrial construction (i.e. sea water coolant)

casing and cover—grey cast iron

tube nest—CuZn 28 Sn

for the sea water construction

casing—grey cast iron

cover—red brass

tube nest—CuNi 30

Industrial and sea water construction are supplied as a standard design with plastic bottom and O-ring Buna N. The two constructions can be supplied with O-ring Viton as a special construction. As a further special construction, the industrial construction can be offered with a hard-soldered bottom, which can be used for special cases such as motor test rigs with high dynamic loads. The heat exchangers are lacquer-coated and are preserved on the inside.